M0.7 spur gear / gearwheels

M0.7 Pinions and gearwheels in brass and pom


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Custom GEAR

Spur Gear - Customized Gearwheel

we manufacture your spur gear wheel within a few working days.
Select the material, gear module, number of teeth, bore and width of the spur gear.

M0.1, M0.15, M0.16, M0.2, M0.25, M0.3, M0.35, M0.4, M0.5, M0.6, M0.7, M0.8, M1, DP72, DP64, DP48
Our production is ISO9001: 2015 certified and manufactures according to DIN 3962, ISO 2768-1m as well as 2768-2H spur gear wheels

12,99 EUR
incl. 23% tax excl. Shipping costs

Shippingtime: round 3-6 days + shipping time (abroad may vary)


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